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Zoom The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper KÖPPEN
Zoom The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper KÖPPEN
Zoom The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper KÖPPEN
Zoom The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper KÖPPEN
Zoom The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper KÖPPEN

The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper

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Our 100% Copper Tongue Scraper is the best way to remove extra particles, build-up, and bacteria from your tongue - including the ones that cause bad breath.

How It Works

By scraping your tongue up and down for 10 seconds everyday you are removing the milky film that builds up in the mouth when you sleep. When you wake up, look at the back of your tongue and you'll see a white coating. That coating is bacteria and build up of toxins that should be removed. Most people brush their teeth but the select few that have tried tongue scraping have never gone back - that's because you can literally feel the difference in clean in your mouth.


✅ GET RID OF BAD BREATH - studies proved that copper has great anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties that combat bad breath by helping to get rid of bad bacteria and leaving good bacteria alone. The same can't be said about mouthwash!

✅ TASTE BUD ACTIVATION - by removing the white layer or "fuzz" on the tongue you will enhance your taste buds and heighten your sense of taste

✅ UPGRADE YOUR DIGESTION - removing the gunk off your tongue will activate saliva which improves digestion and help you to better absorb nutrients from your food 

✅ PRODUCT DESIGN: Made from 100% copper and beautifully designed to display on your bathroom counter

✅ PERFECT FIT - Due to the flexible material our tongue scrapers are suitable for every mouth size. Just bend it easily to your size

Before and After Examples

The KÖPPEN Copper Tongue Scraper



Are your products really all natural?

Yes! Our products are free from phthaltes, parabens, and sulfates. Meaning the only ingredients in all of our body care products are organic, plant-derived, or natural ingredients found in nature.

Where are your products made?

Our products are all made in the USA. They are hand filled, hand labeled, and hand batched.





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