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Top 7 Benefits of Tongue Scraping

Tongue scraping is an Ayurvedic practice of gently grazing the tongue with the help of a u-shaped tool or a scraper to remove the debris and bad bacteria and clear out the surface of the tongue. This is a complementary practice to brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Toxins that accumulate due to weak metabolism or digestion also show up on the surface of the tongue. If not cleared out, they are absorbed back into the system and can lead to diseases and weak immunity. Other benefits of tongue scraping include:

  • Removes bad breath. At night while we sleep, bacteria gather in the mouth because the production of saliva is reduced. Tongue scraping removes these bacteria, which are responsible for creating bad breath and tooth decay.
  • Better sense of taste. Scraping removes dead cells and other unwanted substances and creates space for taste buds to function naturally. One can experience different tastes better and in a more distinguishable way.
  • Immunity Booster. Gradual and consistent building up of toxins weakens the immune system by putting it to work continuously against foreign bodies or bad bacteria. The tongue is the first line of defense in the body. Scraping aids the healthy functioning of this immune system.
  • Natural color of the tongue. It helps the natural color of the tongue to emerge by removing the discoloration and debris, returning the tongue to its soft pink and clean state.
  • Better digestion. Digestion of food starts in the mouth. Enzymes present in the saliva break food down for easier digestion by the gut. When the taste buds are blocked due to the accumulated mucus on the tongue, the messaging function of their receptors conveying to the brain to activate relevant enzymes required for digestion of the food is impaired.
  • Taste bud activation. Active taste buds are also important for healthy digestion because they prevent a host of ailments that contribute to poor digestion and lead to gut-related illnesses including constipation. Tongue scraping ensures that the surface of the tongue is clean for taste buds to function better.
  • Activates organs. Since the tongue is connected to various organs of the body, scraping it gently activates related organs too.

Start tongue scraping today. 

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