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KÖPPEN embodied

The Still Man logo

was designed around the idea of a meditative moment where balance and connection are all realized. The Still Man personifies what we stand for — promoting a deeper connection to both self and nature through life care products built on the ancient principles of Ayurveda. Just as our brand encourages moments of reflection and balance, so too does our logo. Our peaceful meditator takes us to a place of natural idealism. With the sun and moon on either side of our friend, and a hidden third eye under his headwrap, he evokes the spiritual essence of our brand.

Community, first

Ayurveda has vast untapped potential. As more people realize that health is a combination of mind, body, and soul and can be varied for each individual, the teachings of Ayurveda come into play. Look no further than the soaring popularity of other Vedic sciences including Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork. India’s legacy of wellness practices still has more to tell from arguably the most significant science of them all - Ayurveda. Without your support, we would not be able to embark on this mission of putting Ayurveda into the hands of people around the world. So, sincerely from the both of us, thank you.

With gratitude,

- Parag & Priya


Our mission is to build the first platform for personalized health, powered by Ayurveda.

2 years ago I began noticing an interesting trend. I witnessed the boom of meditation apps, the commercialization of Yoga, viral videos and celebrities embracing breath work, promotion of gut health and its importance, and dialogue brewing about the ideas on the mind-body connection. People were embracing inner engineering and holistic health faster than I could ever remember. It seemed just a decade ago these practices were viewed as too 'esoteric' or invalidated by modern science.

I also started noticing familiar wellness trends. Turmeric lattes or what I grew up knowing as 'Haldi Doodh' were offered at nearly every cafe in LA. Ghee, a common staple in every Indian household was sitting next to butter on grocery store shelves, and Western science was touting the power of breathwork.

However, for as much popularity there was surrounding these practices, there was rarely a connection to its roots - Ayurveda. In fact many of today’s “wellness”or “self-care” trends are rooted in a Vedic science that shares the same origins as Yoga, but has not yet been properly introduced: Ayurveda.

Ayurveda, which translates literally to the science of life is the first preventative health and wellness system in the world that prescribes that each one of us are a unique blend of elements and therefore each of us should have routines that are specific to our mind & body types - from diet to exercise and skin care to body care.

In 2021, I decided to work with my sister, Priya - a regular meditator and holistic health advocate, to bring awareness about Ayurveda to more people. We wanted to show people that Ayurveda was more relevant than ever before and had the power to transform someone's life.

So we created KÖPPEN with the goal to introduce Ayurveda to those who may be unfamiliar, curious, or even dubious. By partnering with practitioners, formulators, chefs, and writers we aim to create everyday products, content, and shareable tools that provide practical utility to this time-tested knowledge. 

We Stand For

History | Nature | Expression | Curiosity | Balance MAKING AYURVEDA ACCESSIBLE TO ALL WHILE HONORING ITS ROOTS.

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