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Organic Ayurvedic Oral Care Ayurveda for Modern Living.

Zoom The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle
Zoom The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle
Zoom The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle
Zoom The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle
Zoom The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle

The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle

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Fortifies Teeth & Gums

Gluten-free • Soy-free • Yeast-free • Dairy-free • GMO-free • Preservative-free

Did you know your oral biome AKA your mouth has 700 different types of microbes including bacteria and fungi? That's second only to your gut!

For thousands of years, Ayurveda has promoted 2 natural methods of cleaning your mouth - using a copper tongue scraper which helps rid the tongue of bacteria accumulation when we sleep (see that white fuzz on your tongue - that's biofilm!) and oil pulling which helps create stronger teeth and gums by using the power of sesame oil's antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties. By committing yourself to oil pulling and tongue scraping you will experience the benefits of a cleaner AND healthier mouth immediately. 

Oil Pulling: Backed by scientific research, oil pulling not only cleanses the oral biome by removing harmful bacteria and toxins but also promotes healthier gums, teeth and fresher breath. Our luxurious daily oral oil invites you to indulge in a time-honored ritual, offering modern scientific benefits for holistic wellness. 

Tongue Scraping: Researchers have now proven that scraping your tongue everyday is 75% more effective than brushing your tongue. This ancient yet increasingly popular 20 second routine helps remove all the bad bacteria and gunk that builds up during your sleep and throughout the day.

By scraping your tongue up and down for 10 seconds in the morning and night, you are removing the milky film that builds up in the mouth when you sleep and throughout the day. When you wake up, look at the back of your tongue and you'll notice a white coating. That coating is bacteria and build up of toxins that should be removed. 

Oil Pulling Benefits:

  • Fortifies your teeth and gums for complete dental health

  • Helps eliminate the occasional buildup of foreign substances

  • Supports natural toxin removal through oil extraction

  • Utilizes Clove and Nutmeg essential oils for mucosal health

  • Natural properties help moisturize the mouth and freshen the breath

  • Supports the natural draining of lymph nodes into the throat for a healthy lymphatic system

Tongue Scraping Benefits

  • Removes 75% of volatile sulfur compounds AKA the stuff that causes bad breath from the surface of the tongue

  • Enhanced taste through the de-coating of taste buds and taste receptors

  • Supports healthy gut through the removal of toxins that otherwise make their way to the gut through swallowing throughout the day

  • Restores color of tongue to natural pinkish/red color 

The Complete Ayurvedic Oral Care Bundle

$49.99 USD


Ayurveda’s Importance of Oil Pulling:

KÖPPEN Healthy Teeth & Gums Oil is a long-used and popular Ayurvedic supplement that is now gaining traction in Western medicine as well.

It contains crucial nutrients with beneficial properties that directly promote oral health. Additionally, the swishing or oil pulling motion maintains a healthy mouth and throat.

The oil contains three vital ingredients, Sesame Oil, Clove Oil, and Nutmeg Oil. Nutmeg and Clove Oil work together to encourage oral hygiene. They contain unique bioactive compounds with certain properties that help healthy elimination of the occasional buildup of foreign substances in the mouth. The oil has to be gently swished or pulled through the teeth for a certain period - usually 2-5 minutes BEFORE brushing the teeth. This ensures that it reaches all parts of the mouth. Regular use of this oil breaks down the buildup of harmful substances around the teeth.

Additionally, it supports the natural draining of lymph nodes into the throat, which maintains a healthy lymphatic system. As a result, these actions boost the immune system and support the nourishment of cells in the entire body.

How do we make it?

We work with a traditional family-owned pharmacy under monitored conditions to make the Healthy Teeth & Gums Oil. Following sustainable Ayurvedic practices, the oil is formulated according to the classic ancient formulas of Ayurveda. Our experts produce the oil in small batches to optimize effectiveness and preserve its freshness. We collaborate with organic farmers who follow traditional practices to cultivate the ingredient. They follow our guided instructions and do not use any toxic chemicals or pesticides during the harvest and processing.

Our expert practitioners (Ayurvedic Vaidyas classically trained in India) have selected only certified organic ingredients our Healthy Teeth & Gums Oil.

We also source fresh ingredients, cultivated in the ideal topographical environment. Such careful sourcing increases the quality of the ingredients and the effectiveness of the supplementation.

While we source ingredients from India, we process the product in the USA. That way, we can guarantee that you have access to whole foods and traditional products. Moreover, our herbal supplements go through multiple quality assurance checks before they reach your doorstep.

Phytonutrients inside Healthy Teeth & Gums Oil:

KÖPPEN Oral Shield Oil - Daily Teeth & Gum Protection from KÖPPEN is a high-quality and all-natural Ayurvedic herbal oil. It contains a unique blend of bioactive compounds. It includes vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, essential oils, good fats, and other natural phytonutrients.

These ingredients are full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that support oral health and hygiene. They support the natural removal of toxins and bacteria from the mouth. Besides that, their nutrient composition fortifies the teeth, gums, and lips for complete dental health.


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Why use it to promote oral health? 

Our oil shield is a high-quality and all-natural Ayurvedic herbal oil for oil pulling. It promotes oral health and hygiene as its natural properties purify the mouth and fortify the teeth and gums. Moreover, the gentle swishing action can easily be incorporated into a daily routine for continued oral health and care. Other than that, it also moisturizes the mouth and freshens the breath.

This oil contains ingredients sourced and processed under the best conditions and formulated according to Ayurvedic traditions for a potent and effective herbal oil.

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