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Meet Ayurveda's Superfood: Kitchari

Ayurveda Kitchari simple recipes and how to make

A staple superfood in Ayurveda, Kitchari is the mother of all dishes. Simply put, it's food as medicine… that tastes like a hug in a bowl! 

Called and spelled a few different ways, Khichdi, Khichuri, etc. — Kitchari means ‘mixture’. Made from mung bean lentils, Basmati rice and a therapeutic spice & herb blend, this one-pot dish is a complete meal that nourishes your mind, body & soul while giving your whole system a rest.

Porridge-like & deliciously spiced but not spicy, Kitchari is the ultimate comfort food that’s uniquely nourishing while also being balancing to all mind-body types (doshas). It’s for that reason, that it’s the perfect meal to cook after a long day of work in order to bring balance back to your life whether you’re feeling sluggish, under the weather, or have been splurging too much lately.

Ayurveda Kitchari recipe Spinach and Carrot

Here are the many benefits of Kitchari & an easy recipe for you to try making it at home:

  1. Complete nutrition: This one-pot dish offers a balanced meal that's packed with complete plant-based protein, slow complex carbs, fiber and delightful flavors brought together to boost the proper functioning of the body & mind. 
  2. Nourishing without weighing you down: Extremely easy to digest, this complete food is satiating & gives strength and vitality without weighing you down.
  3. Balance digestion: Kitcharis’ skillful use of spices boosts digestion and ensures optimal nutrient assimilation. Further more, Kitchari is traditionally made with white Basmati rice because it’s the type of rice that is easiest on the gut!
  4. Deliciously vibrant: Spiced but not spicy, Kitchari is savory, warm and bursting with flavor. It leaves you feeling fulfilled and satisfied.
  5. Detox the gut & boost immunity: Kitchari’s mung bean lentils that are known for their ability to remove toxins, specifically pesticides and insecticides from the gut, Kitchari is a gentle detox that ensures the immune system functions optimally.
  6. Feel grounded: Adequate protein and a soothed gut promote feelings of stillness and inner calm.
  7. Boost metabolism: Kitchari helps to burn body fat while keeping blood sugar levels stable.
  8. Curb cravings: Kitchari balances your taste buds and gets you back on track (your taste buds, eating habits, regular transit etc.) 
  9. Endlessly customizable: There are as many Kitcharis as there are cooks who make it! Have fun with it and treat it as a base to make yours with your favorite veggies and toppings. Try this easy Kitchari recipe (imbed link:


About The Author: France Brunel France is the founder of the Ayurvedic lifestyle blog YOOM, an in-training Ayurvedic health counselor, a certified yoga teacher, and a life-long explorer of alternative medicines. A multi-hyphenate French woman living in Brooklyn, she's on a mission to democratize Ayurveda & its superfood: Kitchari. To get her tips, follow her on 

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