Deionized Water

All cosmetic formulations contain at least some water, as all-oil formulations can easily clog pores. We use only pure distilled water in our products. This helps us avoid volatile organic compound (VOC) contaminants.


Cellulose comprises about 50% of the weight of wood, along with lignin and hemicellulose - a renewable raw material. It stabilizes soap bubbles so we can use less-harsh soaps in our product and still achieve great cleaning power.

Sodium Olefin Sulfonate

This is a soap that’s derived from coconut oil. We use it in our body wash as it combines excellent safety with an ability to produce “flash foam” – that instant burst of bubbles when you first add water to a liquid soap. It doesn’t dry out your skin like some soaps can, and is compatible with just about every other soap.

TEA Lauryl Sulfate

This is a soap produced from natural vegetable oils and fats. It has a great safety profile when used correctly, and sourced from responsible vendors to avoid possible contamination concerns which are the cause for its slightly higher EWG rating (4 out of 10).

Potassium Cocoate

This is the potassium salt of coconut fatty acid. It's an all-liquid soap made from 100% whole coconut oil and potassium hydroxide. It has wonderful “flash foam” properties. We choose a source which adds glycerin as a natural moisturizer. It’s an effective cleaner, yet mild enough to be included in baby shampoo.

Sodium Gluconate

To prevent discoloration and deterioration we include sodium gluconate. It’s derived from gluconic acid, which is the oxidized form of glucose sugar. It can “wrap around”, or chelate, metal ions in solution and prevent them from contacting the other ingredients.

Saccharide Isomerate

A 72 Hour Moisture locker, it mimics the natural carbohydrate structure of the skin, allowing it to easily penetrate the outer layers. Once there, it attracts water molecules and therefore provides instant, deep, long-lasting hydration. Consumer test panels have confirmed a 50%-plus reduction in flakiness and itchiness caused by dry skin. The product is both ECOcert and NATRUE certified.

Ammonium Lauryl

A soap molecule produced from long-chain natural fatty acids. It forms long-lasting suds and is a powerful detergent. As such, it is important to use it in moderation to avoid potential skin irritation. Even though it has a EWG rating of “1” (the least hazardous rating), we still. Used responsibly, it's an indispensable part of a pH-balanced, natural soap product.

Cola®Lipid C

This material is a phospholipid that is skin-identical. It brings a combination of skin-conditioning, preservative, and cleansing properties. Cola®Lipid C displays a broad range of functional attributes including gentle cleansing and foaming properties, anti-irritation effects when combined with anionic surfactants, unusually high substantivity, long lasting skin conditioning, and broad spectrum antimicrobial activity. It's an ideal ingredient for baby care products, and sensitive skin cleansers.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Rosemary Oleoresin is a natural extract of rosemary plant leaves. Our source of rosemary oleoresin is highly concentrated, and is standardized to 7% carnosic acid. Carnosic acid also has an anti-microbial activity, making it an important addition to our body wash as it can help to eliminate excess bacteria.

Caprylhydroxamic Acid

A mixture of three molecules: caprylhydroxamic acid, glyceryl caprylate, and glycerin. Glycerin provides moisturizing capabilities. The caprylhydroxamic acid (an amino acid found in coconuts) starves microorganisms of iron, which is an essential nutrient that they need for growth. The glyceryl caprylate is made from naturally occurring ingredients and is very safe for skin fighting yeast and mold (both a type of fungi). The combination kills both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate

This is another soap molecule. It’s derived from natural coconut and palm oils. It produces a safe, gentle, skin-friendly lather that has very low irritation potential. It conforms to Ecocert's natural and organic cosmetic standard and is 100% of natural origin. Because of the molecular size, it doesn’t easily penetrate the skin and so doesn’t produce significant irritation.

Dead Sea Salt Essential Oil

Dead sea salt contains a high mineral content, making them ideal for use in spa treatments and for therapeutic body scrubs.