The Brand

At its core Köppen is a brand that pays veneration to the benefits of botanical and natural ingredients. Drawing inspiration from Eastern medicine our body wash formulation consists of ingredients used by ancient civilizations in India. The chief formulator I worked with to create this proprietary body wash formula is an accomplished Ph.D. organic chemist, recognized for innovation in multiple cosmetic fields and holds over 100 patents.

Our Philosophy

I started Köppen because I believe the transition before, during, and after a shower are defining moments in the day. They are the moments that refresh and establish momentum of the mind and body. My goal was to build a men's body wash that enhanced this experience in smell, touch, and feel while out performing the likes of incumbents who have dominated men's body care for decades. For the past year I've been working tirelessly to develop a unique combination of ingredients that come together to leave your skin improving and repairing itself after each use. 

We understand that as a customer and a consumer, it can be difficult to navigate the world of personal care products. “Buzzwords” and labels are plastered on everything, and lists of ingredients can often be indecipherable. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and with so many competing products and conflicting claims, it can be difficult to know how best to care for our bodies. Our approach is simple: use nature as our inspiration, be completely transparent about our ingredients, and educate consumers as to the purpose of our ingredients.

- Parag, Founder

We know that there are a great many ingredients used in personal care products which have since been found to be harmful. We pledge that our formulations do not contain any of the following:

Aminomethyl propanol, animal fats or musk, butylated hydroxyanisole, benzalkonium chloride, butoxyethanol, artificial (synthetic) sunscreens, coal tar, EDTA, formaldehyde, hydroquinone, aluminum compounds, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, parabens, phthalates, polyethylene glycols, polysorbates, resorcinol, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium
lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, toluene, triclosan, or triclocarban.